Raul Vallines - Curriculum Vitae
Est. 1971 | Since 1995

Raul is a native Chicagoan
and artist who creates work that
reflects his passion for music,
design, typography, photoshop,
illustration, art, technology,
architecture, Chicago sports,
hip hop culture, and inspiration
from across the globe. 

He has worked on over 60+ brands
and has over 25 years of creative design
direction experience in marketing,
advertising, experiential,
and new business. 

A hands-on design director working
behind-the-scenes. Providing clients
and creative directors with the
design muscle they need
to create meaningful work that
delivers results.

His focus throughout the
years has always been: elevating
and maintaining a brand’s design aesthetic,
creating designs and presentations
that increase and/or win new
business, and mentoring talented
creatives for success.

Raul flourishes in team environments
where people and creativity lead the way.
His most significant work to date
— his familia.

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